Content and Criteria

The “Rights and Records Knowledge Base” (R&R) is a growing online database created by the Section on Archives and Human Rights at the International Council on Archives. These resources can be accessed via a full-text search engine.

The resources are SAHR publications, references used by authors affiliated to SAHR for selected publications, SAHR newsletters, SAHR submissions to “Calls for Comment” and SAHR recording of Tuesday Talks.

All references with a blue dove badge has a an attachment which can be accessed.

Any views or opinions represented in the publications within this database belong solely to the authors. They do not necessarily represent those of ICA-SAHR or its funders.


The Rights and Records Knowledge Base is intended for anyone interested in the topic of Archives and Human Rights such as information management professionals, archivists, human rights activists, lawyers community groups, researchers, policymakers, journalists, and other knowledge users. It aims to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the Archives and Human Rights nexus by expanding the knowledge base
  • Preserve and disseminate material that is vulnerable to disappearance
  • Support the production of research and evidence-based policy using this material

Use of Material

The Rights and Records Knowledge Base may contain copyrighted material that has not been specifically authorized by the copyright holders.

The resources in the Knowledge Base are being made available strictly for information, education, and research purposes. Unless the resource specifies otherwise, third-party users are not authorized to use or reproduce the works herein for any commercial purpose or to further distribute, perform, or alter works in any way without express permission of the identified author or owner of the copyright or proxy.

If you feel like there is something on the Knowledge Base should not be for any reason, please contact ICA-SAHR. We will contact you to discuss the material’s possible removal from this website.


Creator of the Knowledge base: Section on Archives and Human Right (SAHR)

Management Team

  • Romain Ledauphin (SAHR)
  • Deborah Jenkins (SAHR)
  • Vitor Manoel Marques da Fonseca (SAHR)

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Project Consultants

  • Trinh Nguyen, Classification system development and cataloguing
  • Marianne Deraze, ICA-PCOM
  • Maria Paula Garcia,ICA-Communication
  • Clémence Almeras, ICA-IT